We actually take you through the steps and show you exactly how to do it! 

Our mission is to train, encourage, enlighten, and empower you to experience your own greatness, while making a considerable amount of money through this program, and that of our recommended partnerships and affiliations so you can succeed quickly, experience more love, happiness, power, and joy. 

So if you're ready to break the negative cycles in your life, increase your income, build a business of your own, unravel the mysteries of life, renew and revitalize your personal life and love relationship, achieve better health, fitness, and personal well-being, and overcome your personal blocks - 

This is a membership program for Personal & Professional Development, Success  & Life Coaching, and Spiritual Awareness & Power.   
If you make the commitment now, you will see a major difference in your mind, body and affairs.   

Once you sign up, and your payment is processed, you will be emailed your receipt for payment, and then your membership package and info by email.  It will include your log-in instructions to the member site, and 
your course ebooks, bonus reports, and other
member benefits.   Dr. Joy will welcome you and ask you to do an self-assessment to properly devise your individual program of study for the most expedient and beneficial way to help you realize your dreams.  The program is not for nay-sayers, pity-party hosts, or those who think they already know it all.  If know-it-alls truly knew it all, their lives would be happy and successful, love would be all around them, their health would be exceptional, and they would know how to  auto-magically transform their circumstances, and live their dreams.

Your membership includes:
FREE personal & professional evaluation - (Your privacy is guaranteed.  We will not sell or give away you personal contact information).
FREE MoreJoy program instruction to help you make money, attain more power, and achieve unlimited joy
FREE daily and weekly personalized email messages to chart your course and get you over the hurdles  
FREE newsletter-power-packed with information, opportunities, and training.
FREE website of your own and email account
FREE affiliate programs and products to sell
MoreJoy Affiliate Program-Get paid for referring your friends.  When they join, you get paid
FREE forum to promote your own business & products
FREE teleclasses to help you succeed and keep up to date
FREE ongoing business tips, opportunities, and money making programs
FREE advice & tips on relationships, family, health, spiritual issues, and healing.
FREE articles for your personal & professional empowerment
FREE Unlimited Joy Social Network
FREE meditations, rituals, and affirmations 
FREE Games, horoscopes, and R&R
FREE monthly ebooks, reports, and information
FREE mystical items and tools for your personal advancement, 
and monthly coaching & consultation, strategic intervention, spiritual services, bonuses and so much more.
You will receive over $2000 in monthly services and products.  You will graduate the MoreJoy Program in about 6 months, depending upon your progress, receive your certificate, and if you choose to go on, 
you will be accepted into MoreJoy-Mastery, and then 
Unlimited Joy Mastery Trainers Program
and truly master your universe.

Here are our Terms:
The member's site information will be updated weekly. Your use of this site is unlimited (but only for your use) with your paid membership.  

You are under no obligation and may cancel your membership at any time if dissatisfied, however, there are no refunds.  
Cancel when you are happy and successful, or if you are dissatisfied in any way, with no questions asked.  

Memberships will not be transferred to another party. And your privacy is guaranteed.  Your information will never be sold to anyone, for any reason, under any circumstances.

So Join Now!  You will immediately receive all login information and program details by email.   Get started on your new life now!   

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How to get it, how to keep it, how to use it!
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This is the MoreJoy Campus for Unlimited Wealth, Power and Joy
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This looks like the Promised Land! You come here for Unlimited Wealth, Unlimited Power, and Unlimited Joy!
I'm giving up struggle.  MoreJoy is just giving away success and happiness!
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Membership fee is $97 per month.  
Every 30 days you will be billed $97 until you cancel your membership. 
You may quit anytime,
with no questions asked.
Opportunity is knocking!
And you can't afford to miss this one!
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This is the MoreJoy Campus for Unlimited Wealth, Power and Joy
Success Zone
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Fear of Success  Prohibited!
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Life was Never Meant to be a Struggle! 
Live the Life of Your Dreams!

MoreJoy is a Personal, Professional and Spiritual Development Program that will take you from where you are to where you want to be.  

The MoreJoy Program will help you chart a new course for your life by:

- Defining your overall individual life path and purpose *Why are you here on the planet?
- Assessment of your objectives, skills, talents & abilities *What do you have to share?
- Identifying and clearing your karmic debts or obligations *Clearing your errors of the past 
- Help you create multiple sources of income *Removing your struggle consciousness
- Set you up in offline and online businesses *Starting your professional empire
- One on one life coaching sessions *Helping you through the maze & make adjustments
- Fix your love life or rev up your attraction factors *A happy & healthy love relationship
- Auto-magic-ally adjust & align your mental and emotional programming and responses  *      Building a secure, happy & strong personal universe 
- Fitness program & weight-loss solutions *Look better & feel better
- Holistic health remedies & options *Get better & be better 
- Provide you with internet marketing training *Building your professional empire 
- Introduce you to those you need to know and give you a strong forum to operate in
  Whatever your dream, whatever the industry, whatever you need!  Set the stage!   
- Mentoring program *Helping yourself and helping others - Building a better world
  And for those who understand & desire Spiritual Power:
- You can also begin the MoreJoy-Mastery Program for spiritual training, initiation,      ordination and certification *So you can operate as a metaphysican, priest or minister,        psychic, holistic healer, numerologist, hypnotherapist, and/or a spiritual counselor.

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The MoreJoy Program can change your life in 6 months.  Join Now and receive a special bonus from Dr. Joy.

This courses total value is over $5000, and has previously cost $299 per month.  But join now for the reduced price of 
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I'm giving up struggle.  MoreJoy is just giving away success and happiness!
I'm giving up struggle.  MoreJoy is just giving away success and happiness!